This is what I recorded for…

My A-level in music technology, many moons ago now!

Brand New – The Quiet Things That No-One Ever Knows

I think that was around 14 years ago. Mad!

I remember it so well, too, even after my brain being a bit dodge. πŸ™ƒ

I didn’t play on the recording, but I was the engineer in the studio!

It’s like it was yesterday, now that I’m thinking about it all again…



That’s going to be on my Spotify all next week.

I don’t think I actually have the recording though… Ho hum… I’ll have a think!


This last week…

… has been nothing but awesomely tiring!


The 20th July, which is exactly 6 years and 1 month since I was only a bit destroyed, I’ve been doing over 5000 steps a day!

This is what is recommended for living a healthy life again, as that’s the usual amount of steps everyone does, on average, per day.

Why is it that on the Mondays I’m always not walking as much though?! Haha. I definitely am, as that’s when I go swimming so I’m guessing that my Fitbit doesn’t detect the swimming very well as walking.

I am still losing weight, and just generally getting back to where I was before the accident ruined my life, if only for a bit!


I just dreamt (!) about running (!) again, so that’s what’s in my mind Sharon. Sharon!? Nice one predictive texting. Again! That’s what’s in my mind again!



I just went to a cash point…

For the first time since mid-2014! 😁

I walked up to it from my car, to the cash point at the Didsbury Co-Op and withdrew some real-life cash money!


I even had it filmed, but the whole pin-number thing is so blatantly obvious I’ll keep it a secret to myself… Forever!

Ain’t no stopping me now!


I just checked over my Twitter…

And I got to relive all my days of running and making speakers again!

Oh man, it did make me laugh. πŸ™ƒ

I’d actually moved down to the (lovely) Essex, to start to work for Monitor Audio, as my first job!

It was great for a first job in the industry, and I actually did really enjoy it.

The guys used to tweet about me caning out drum and bass in the listening room once or twice too! πŸ˜‚

In the end, I worked for MA for very close to 4 years. I’d then found a job in London, which was really bloody appealing to me, so I quit MA and moved in with my girlfriend, in London!

All was going so well! ❀️


Hurty scar… but a very cool scar!

This is how my left leg looks now, after having to have all the surgeries to repair it and make it an actual working limb again! 🀯

I just thought I’d write a bit on here, as I’ve never felt this much feedback from it! To be fair, I have been walking around 5k a day for the last 2 months, so… πŸ₯³

I have to admit, it is a really good ache!

Totally worth the pain… (Ish!)



Housework is SO me these days!

I’m now fully able to walk around all of my flat these days… 🀩 It’s really tiring, but definitely worth it!

This morning, I was filmed doing quite a bit of housework, for the first time in 6 years!

Firstly, I hoovered up towards the kitchen :

And then I hoovered the kitchen too! :

I am now quite (only quite!) tired… πŸ˜‚

Edit: Ok, so I’ve just been sat down for an hour, and my legs are now like “please, no more!”. πŸ™ƒ

It’s all good. I have nothing left to do now, after all my cleaning this am!