I actually had a third-eotomy of my brain

My brain had a third-eotomy! Essentially, I had a third of my brain replaced. Sounds a bit mental, but don’t worry, it really is!

I believe -ectomy is when a part of you is removed, and -eotomy is when it’s actually replaced…

My brain has now grown back to being a full brain again, after it was all screwed back into my skull, and I then actually re-learnt how to speak/move/think all over again. I still can’t believe it actually happened, but my oh my, it definitely did! I have all the evidence…

It all feels like a really, really long, and really bad dream that I can also still remember, but also not… 🤯

It was the left third of my skull which was replaced, which is now carbon fibre, with some fake brain goop. I think that’s the maddest part of it all!

The brain goop has now been fully accepted by my wonky skull, and I can now actually learn again! My memory is now working really well too, so I am considering doing some study but not for another year.

I’ve just bought a house, so I think this will be my main focus for the year to come.

Trimble love X

I just had a dream…

And I can remember it! 😲🤯

It was about some of my great friends, who are having a baby in the next year.

Madness! They are actually now having a baby, IRL, and it’s already been confirmed that it’s going to be a boy so, you know… But I dreamt it AND remembered it!

Edit: now it’s a bit later, and I’ve managed to stop gurning about my sleep, and it’s just been so bloody surprising that this has happened for the first time in all of the time since my TBI! Wowahweewah…