Nick, the chocolatier!

So, I decided to make a shed-load of chocolates again, as I did when I first moved in here.

This time I used my experience of doing it, from 2 and a half years ago, and it went a lot better I think!

Action shot...
Action shot…

This is me, being a right old chocolatier!

Please note the hygienically-intense cookery techniques!

These are the choco-hearts I made.
These are the choco-hearts I made.

And here’s the final present, all crafted by myself and my helper.

They are mainly all going to go as a present for my mum soon, but I’ve still gotten another 20 bits of chocolate left for myself!

I’ve only just realised that the whole covid-19 thing is probably going to stop me from giving her any of this though!


Didn’t think of that, did I! 🀯 ☹️


Oh my DAYS, sleep! 🀯

I’ve just slept so flipping well, I feel like I need to write this X a million more times! 🀯


It really doesn’t look like it was a good sleep, but the way I’m feeling right now… 😁

I’ve never had such feelings about sleep in the entire 6 years I’ve been “like this”.

To many more…! (That was sung, by the way…) πŸ™ƒ


Blaming the carers, Boris?!

This claim has made me rage a bit… In bed… At 6.45am! 🀯

I will clearly only blame you, for your Trump-ian, “he’s cooler than me” approach to this entire crisis.

All the carers working to defeat this virus are the best people in the world! They are always risking their lives, in order to save all the others that they can, regardless of the risk. They’re always facing an enormous level of risk during this insane time right now.

To all carers, thank you for being so flipping determined! Even though it’s such an absolutely enormous risk just from going to work, you’re all still there doing it and helping to fight this horrendous disease…



Just taking a stroll… πŸ₯³

A bloody enormous stroll! Here it is…

This is what I have built up to, over the last 6 years of my rehab journey…

It’s now so much easier than it used to be, and that’s what’s driven me to do this massive walk through my flat, and I was getting it recorded this time!

I’m still not finished, and I doubt I will ever actually “finish” my recovery, but I’m happy to just keep getting more and more able!


I am now so incredibly tired out, but I simply can’t stop thinking about it haha… 🀣

I’ve been through hell and high water to get here, and there’s no chance I’ll stop anymore! 🀘


This is what I have been working towards…

For the full 6 years that I have been in recovery! 😁

Yes, OK, I did indeed have a stupidly massive brain injury… Oh, and also had a leg snapped in half… But it’s never, ever stopped my Trimble determination! Not even a little… πŸ₯³

I’ve been dreaming (well, after the first 3 years of repair!) about the ability to walk again, without the need of a walking stick…

And it now looks like that will be very within my remit, and I could finally start to walk like a normal person again! 🀯


This was my workout today, whilst being supported by my physio via Zoom:

1.) Some warm-up stretches.

2.) 2 sets of 12 squats with a 6kg kettle bell, held centrally so easier to control.

3.) 2 sets of 12 squats with 2x 3kg dumbbells, so both arms need to be working again.

4.) 2 stretch bands, to stretch out my arms and back.

5.) Tip toe stretches. These don’t work too well though…

6.) I then walked around the table using my quad stick for support on the floor, for one set.

7.) I then did 2 sets of walking around the table carrying my quad stick in the air.

8.) Then 2 laps using NOTHING to support me! Hand free Trimble! 🀣

To finish, I sat down! 🀯


I then wrote all this down, and warmed up some leftovers for tea, as I cannot be effed doing any fancy cooking this evening!

Trimble-love! 😍


So the Erasmus scheme is going all weird now…

I did do the Erasmus scheme, many moons ago now, but it was so, so, so good for my career and employability after finishing my studies at uni.

I’m hoping (and wishing!) that Boris has actually learnt his lesson, from his past almost-year of learning how not to run a country…

But in all honesty, I actually really doubt he has learnt anything, as he seems to never actually ever listen…

🀬 πŸ‘Ž


Strong as ox, these days! 😁

So I just did 20 sit-to-stands, whilst also then lifting a 6kg weight up in front of me until I’m fully standing..


Is this still real life? 🀯

I then walked 10 laps of my dining table, only using a single walking stick for support!


I’m now listening to Lionel Ritchie, and trying to sing along as I’m in such a good mood!