My birthday 2019!

I just had my birthday party at the Great Katmandu in Didsbury, and it was so awesome!

I took a few photos, like 3, so not many but they are all so effing awesome!

Action shot after eating…
I think this was the best pudding, after a curry… Oh wait, and it was free!
These are all my guys, who joined me this evening!

Have I gotten some really leggy arms…

Or some ultra army legs!

My calf muscles are just like my biceps are in my arms these days… Weird but true.

They still seem very strong, as I can do 50kg leg press like nobody’s business, but the muscles are so tiny these days!

I’ll try to do some photo evidence tomorrow morning, as I’m in bed now, but I’ll try my best to remember…

Oooh it’s almost started!

22nd June 2014…

That’s right, 2 days after I was destroyed by a car I was going to, or at least I was meant to, be running the hackney half marathon…

I think this is the driving force in why I didn’t die you know!

I’d been training for this for the previous 9 months, and was really ready for doing it in an hour and a half. 2 hours was the most likely time though, as my full marathon time from 2010 was 4hr16 but this was 4 years later! I’d done loads of training again, so was hopefully going to smash a new time barrier…

Ah well! At least I’m still alive, to be able to maybe one day actually be able to run again… I’d much rather have that in my head, instead of worrying and fretting about never running ever again ey!

This was the start of the race I never did…

Here’s more of my story!

This is an example of my brain not giving a flick about my injuries! This is going to be a much more informative post from me! This may actually seem like my bio too, but ah well!

I once learnt how to play the keyboard as my first instrument when I was around 14 I think. I did 3 or 4 grades also!

I started playing keys in a band with some of my friends from school, and called ourselves The Thief. We played a few gigs, and it was all really fun!

We eventually all got distracted by real life, and so we all went on to work in various places across the UK.

Below here, this is an example of me remembering how to play the keyboard!

Before life had gotten all real, I’d learnt how to play guitar, and so this was my new instrument! Keys were then left (a lot) behind whilst I was doing uni and then working in Essex for the first 3.5 years of my career with Monitor Audio. That was a really good intro to something I’d decided would be my career!

I then decided to move to London with my girlfriend, as I’d gotten a new job in (or near to) the City at Roli.

Roli was, and still is, an awesome new company that I moved even more down into London for. They were only a small start-up company when I moved there, and it was an all-round great team of people, making a fun, new sort of instrument. The Roli Seaboard.