Freedom of movement

Freedom of movement is one of the best parts about being a part of the European Union!

I was then freely able to move to Denmark for a year whilst at uni for my course. This was amazing for my job possibilities, after finishing my course all those years back in 2010!

I think this has been a ridiculously bad thing to lose for everyone in the UK! I was really looking forward to hopefully raising a family, as I was by my parents…

I’ve just re-learnt how to swim!

This morning I went to the gym at Nuffield health, Parrswood, and managed to swim!

I haven’t ever tried actually swimming during my rehab for pretty much all of the million (5+…) years I’ve been in this state.

I literally just tried, and it all came back to me like WOAH!

I just walked/ran/swam 10 lengths of the pool at Parrswood! I started with some horribly slow walking, then tried to run and it was wayyy too hard, so I just tried swimming and it was awesome!

I got a bit cocky and then tried it without help from my guy Mike and it was flipping amazing! I mean, he did still give me a bit of support, but in theory I can now swim again!

The happiness of today’s Trimble is now at a level that I haven’t seen for years. I am now very tired though, which is also what I’ve missed!

I didn’t realise how much I enjoy, and have definitely missed, swimming! X

Said goodbye to a lover today… ☹️

It was my guy Bhaven, who I worked with when I was living/working in Essex, and then he was a really good friend to me whilst we were living in London – pre and post accident – and he drove to Manchester on Friday to see me before he returns to his real home in Australia!

Aww man. What a guy! Bhav, you’re always welcome to come stay when I’m in my new house!

I saw him first on Friday, and it was such a nice hello/goodbye and we had a photo taken, but there was an issue with the photo so we couldn’t use it…

HOWEVER, Bhav came back today, just after I came back from shopping, and we got to retake another awesome photo! He also brought me some good beers too haha…

It’s always great seeing you bro, and I may one day make the trip to see you again in your home country!

I’ll let you know B!

Mad love xxx

Next big goal, clocked!

My next big rehab goal was to stop using my wheelchair when I’m at home, and simply walk to everything when there…

It only took like half an hour to start working!

Clocked it in 10 mins!

I’m now only in my chair when I go out to physio etc and I’ve finally figured out how to get comfortable anywhere and everywhere at home!

Major win! X


There’s a little bit of my personality shining through I guess… Haha. Biggest love! X

Chicken & mushroom pie!

I made this bad boy this evening, and it was so bloody awesome! Took 2 hours, but well worth it. Got another portion for lunch tomorrow, haven’t I!

I was standing for the vast majority of this cook as well. Can’t sit me down ever again… Apart from right now haha. I’m now absolutely knackered, so I guess I’ll sit now…

Big love and happiness x