What should I do now?

Well, I’m definitely not dead, am i! It was rough at the start, but now I’m here again. It’s just so satisfying to not die. I mean… obviously… but there was a time when I couldn’t even begin to think I’d be able speak again. Scary. But yeah, now I’m back and very flipping able to properly dive into life again. Obviously, not actually jump or anything like diving, but really dive into having fun and living to the fullest.

I’ve been looking at going back to uni, at Salford, so I’ll see how that goes. I might try an MSc in Audio Acoustics. So that’s the first option, but I’m not sure how practical it would be, as it just seems to be a fancier version of my first degree in Audio Technology. I’ll try to have another look at different qualifications but I’ve never seen anything else that really appeals to me.

I could go into things that aren’t connected to sound, but I’ve not got any idea of what I could do. I do wonder. I’ve never really wanted to do anything but speaker design. If I think of anything, I shall update this blog!

2 thoughts on “What should I do now?”

  1. Have you had a look at what courses there are at the college on Barlow moor Road near you? I’ve done a qualification there and it was good

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