Said goodbye to a lover today… ☹️

It was my guy Bhaven, who I worked with when I was living/working in Essex, and then he was a really good friend to me whilst we were living in London – pre and post accident – and he drove to Manchester on Friday to see me before he returns to his real home in Australia!

Aww man. What a guy! Bhav, you’re always welcome to come stay when I’m in my new house!

I saw him first on Friday, and it was such a nice hello/goodbye and we had a photo taken, but there was an issue with the photo so we couldn’t use it…

HOWEVER, Bhav came back today, just after I came back from shopping, and we got to retake another awesome photo! He also brought me some good beers too haha…

It’s always great seeing you bro, and I may one day make the trip to see you again in your home country!

I’ll let you know B!

Mad love xxx

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