I’ve just re-learnt how to swim!

This morning I went to the gym at Nuffield health, Parrswood, and managed to swim!

I haven’t ever tried actually swimming during my rehab for pretty much all of the million (5+…) years I’ve been in this state.

I literally just tried, and it all came back to me like WOAH!

I just walked/ran/swam 10 lengths of the pool at Parrswood! I started with some horribly slow walking, then tried to run and it was wayyy too hard, so I just tried swimming and it was awesome!

I got a bit cocky and then tried it without help from my guy Mike and it was flipping amazing! I mean, he did still give me a bit of support, but in theory I can now swim again!

The happiness of today’s Trimble is now at a level that I haven’t seen for years. I am now very tired though, which is also what I’ve missed!

I didn’t realise how much I enjoy, and have definitely missed, swimming! X

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