More mini-wins?

Oh go on then!

I’ve now started being able to:

  1. Only use my walker whilst at home.
  2. Walk all the way across the garden outside, to the bench.
  3. Never using the portaloo at home.
  4. Getting out on my bike daily.
  5. Load the washing machine.
  6. Take out all the washed clothes from the washer and put on the airer.
  7. Do my own ironing.
  8. Do a fully alone night time routine!
  9. Fully making the bed, myself! 🥳
  10. I can now get out onto my bedroom balcony as well! 🤯
Just making the bed, FULLY!

I’ve always kindof made it myself, but I’ve never had the drive to stand and shake the “life” out of it! 😁*

* This is the nice way of saying a word that begins with an S…

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