Who’s had trouble sleeping then?!

I just had the BEST sleep! So much so that I’m going to blog about it to share my amazement! 😁

I went to bed at 10ish, so I was in bed and trying to sleep by 10:30pm. I’ve just woken up at 6am, and I don’t really remember anything about the last 7.5 hours…

I’ve just had a real night asleep, and was just sleeping for all that time! That’s the first time that I’ve ever just slept, without any drugs to knock the hell out of me, in over half a decade! 🥳

I’m just going to blog the hell out of this, as this is so mind-blowingly awesome! 🤯

I’ve spent over half a decade not sleeping very well, AT ALL, but now I’m not in my bloody wheelchair ever (because of this lockdown…) I now can tire myself out by being so active with no drugs to help me sleep, I don’t even know what to do anymore! 😁

You know what? I’ll just try to sleep for another hour! 🤣 🥳

Edit: this morning I did my physio session with my teacher, and it was so flipping awesome!

I can now walk around my dining table without holding anything other than a walking stick! 😁👍

Amazingly awesome! 🥳

I now want to sleep all day haha…


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