About Me

Hi there! I’m Nicholas James Trimble. I thought I’d write a little bit about what’s happened to me over the last 5 and a bit years. I’d just written craploads in ‘about me’, then I lost it all by not saving it on WordPress. Nice one Trimble!

I studied a degree in BSc Audio Technology at Salford University, between the years 2006 to 2010. I worked in Denmark for Bang & Olufsen, in 2009, for my work experience. It was incredibly good for me to do. Satisfying in all the nerdy ways! It was an amazing thing to do, so it gave me an excellent start to my career.

Once upon a time, I was a mad runner. I was really fat, so I decided I’d start running, and then I got really into it, so I madly decided to fly to New York and run the marathon for my dad!

I smashed it! A time of 4 hours, 16 minutes and 26 seconds. That was the best thing I have ever done. Still is! I started massively overweight, so I lost 6 stone in training!

In real life, I started as an acoustic engineer at Monitor Audio for 3.5 years. I moved down to Essex, to work there, and I then moved to London with my girlfriend. Life was all going really well!

Then I got really run over by an complete idiot driver…

Not excellent.

Not even a little bit good! Since then, I’ve had 16 operations on my brain as it was so badly broken. I couldn’t speak for two years, as my head was so badly damaged. I can now speak again, and it’s bloody awesome! I also had 4 operations on my left leg, as it was so smashed up! The shin and fibula were smashed in half! Got some great scars on it though… That’s one of the best things about me now! I’ve got 100 stories about my near-death experience.

I’m happy to have so many scars, as I can now remember (or have been told by family/friends) almost exactly what happened!

So yeah, thanks if you’ve read all this. It’s been very satisfying to write my brain out onto here, so thanks for reading!