Just dashing SO MANY clothes!

I’ve just gone through all the clothes left in my flat before I move house… Not sure when I’ll start the actual moving, but preparation is everything ey! 😘 😅

I have an old i-deck box from many moons ago, which is my firing line to assist with the dashing… I’m going to chuck all these clothes as they are either :

1) way too small for me now as I had my running body still…

2) there just generally a bit awful so what an excuse!


NYC marathon 2010, just after I’d gotten the medal!

I’ve just found this awesome photo of me from the exit of the marathon site! It is flipping amazing! 😍


I’d forgotten that I had this photo! All the exclamation marks!

I don’t think there’s a better photo of me ever taken haha.

The ideal dream now is to sometime do something very similar, but I feel that’s actually around 1% of my ability these days… But hard times like these have not stopped me yet!

Come at me walking! Big love xx


There’s is an article titled “How long will it be before I’m better from a Traumatic Brain Injury?”.


At this point, I now think my recovery is finally going well enough to blog about again! It may have been a bit slower than all the other blogs that I’ve read, but recovering from this horrendous injury was never going to be easy!

I learnt how to speak in approx. 18 months, then properly started to speak within 2 years. It may be slower than all the rest of the other stories I’ve read from other TBI survivors online recently, but still a win wonnit!

“Ticking something off a list gives a sense of achievement that replaces the usual feeling of failure.”

From the link above.

I love lists! I’ve not done any lists in quite a while, but from now on I’ll try to make lists from everything I need to think about…


Just had a visit from an old friend!

Richard Mackie came round this afternoon with his wife and son and it was so awesome that we didn’t even think to take a photo… Ahh well bro! We were all there trying not to gurn at each other I guess haha. Smiles aplenty!

We think it’s been around 10 years since we all left uni and went our own separate ways, so being able to catch up with an old pal was definitely the best bit of my recovery this year!

Next year, we’ll repeat this situation and then we’ll actually document it! 😞/😀

I then had this for tea and it was all awesome! It was tomato, chili red pesto and pasta with some chorizo. Nom.


Just located this photo…

I found a file which I remember from about 1 million years ago. It’s file called “i-deck spanking.jpg”.

What the eff? I horribly remember this as well… Didn’t get it then, definitely still don’t know… I wasn’t there btw!

But why?

Don’t really get why or how this was made… I presume it wasn’t meant to look like it does but… yeah… I only found this on my PC at MA…