2014 Hackney half marathon


This was the race, on the 22nd June 2014, I’d been training for, and probably (definitely!) the only reason why I didn’t die after the accident!

I seriously think that my determination to run this race is why I didn’t die after getting my head split open, and my left shin snapped in half.

Classic Trimble-style problem though! Training really well, for the 9 months before it, after I left Essex for London with Lou. Then end up with something so bloody serious that it almost ended my life. Almost!

I think that’s the only reason why I’m still here.

Half marathon training saved my life! Oh, and classic Trimble determination… ❤️ 😆

Get away from me you horrible brain injury! Well, maybe not get away, as my head was actually almost off me… At least the top of it was… No thanks!

Get away from me TBI! I’m back from death these days. Better luck next time you mug! 😁♥️ X

Hackney half marathon 2014

This, on the 22nd June 2014, was meant to be my return to the running world after working for a few years in Essex, and then moving into London with my partner.

This was the race I had been training for, for the year that had just passed. I was really feeling the age-old running happiness again!

Now I’m back to considering my future again, after all this time, and I can only think of things that will begin to make me feel elated again, hopefully from doing something physical and active. I have also just bought a racing bike!


This was one of my last big runs before the half mara… It took me a good 3 years to remember what I was doing, or rather I had been doing… I’ll definitely be doing something with my racing bike, but it’s not that easy!

Oh well, I will definitely try to do something like this again in the future! Sitting down is way too boring! x

New photos!

I’ve just sorted out my Lumix camera again, and I have a hell of a lot of photos which I think I’ve never shared before… I’ve now figured out that there are 2580 photos on the camera!

This is the camera I took to all my adventures with Lou many, many years ago! I can see I also used my DSLR, but haven’t found the photos yet.

Here they are!

Roald Dahl helped to design the cerebral shunt I now have!

This is what I now have in my brain… Mad that Roald Dahl helped to develop it!

Here’s a very old diagram of it…

It’s actually the second one I’ve had! The first one that got installed into my brain hole got severely infected, so I got really badly affected whilst in hospital. I only have about 10% of the knowledge of it actually happening, but it really wasn’t great!

I’m assuming that the gear in my head is fairly different to a device probably constructed in the 60s, but I find this so super interesting!